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Remotely Operated Vehicles

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

In 2008, Nordical Diving Services added two Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to our inspection fleet.

And we’re excited to let you know that in 2016 we also added a fleet of UAV / Drones for above ground inspections. Read more about our UAV / Drone Aerial Inspections here.

The ROVs are a lightweight, versatile underwater tool that can:

  • Be mobilised rapidly
  • Enter structures with restricted access
  • Be highly manoeuvrable
  • Be used cost effectively
  • Reduce contamination risks
  • Eliminate decompression illness

ROV with operater

ROVs are ideal for inspections of Potable storages, Fire tanks, Pipelines, Conduits, Ship Hulls, Reefs, Mine shafts and many other underwater structures and general marine environments.

Pictured below left, the ROV can be operated from a barge to access large areas, and right, inspecting tanks at the top of high rise buildings.

Nordical Diving - ROV

Pictured below left, access to tanks via a crane, and right, the ROV set for a busy day inspecting tanks at the airport.

Nordical Diving - ROV

The ROVs are also fitted with:

  • Sonar, for navigation.
  • Underwater lights.
  • 180 degree video tilt.
  • Grab arm (great for sample collection, picking up objects and making simple connections).
  • 4 brushless thrusters for maximum maneuverability.
  • Many other attachments can be fitted such as a plate thickness tester, 2nd camera or sample scoop.

Our standard ROV has a depth rating of 200 meters and umbilical length of 200 meters.

ROVs by Nordical Underwater Inspections

We are able to resource larger ROVs with longer umbilicals for specific requirements eg: We were recently commissioned to video 500 meters on an underwater tunnel cut into a mountain.

Find out more about our using our cost effective ROVs for your next underwater inspection.

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