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Potable Water and Tank Cleaning

Potable Water Storage Dive Team Cleaning and Inspection

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Since 1996 Nordical Diving Services has specialised in the cleaning, inspection and maintenance of Potable Water Storages throughout South Eastern Australia. During that time we’ve completed over 2000 jobs.

The early years

Our local Water Authority, Gippsland Water, gave us a start in 1996. They allowed us to trial equipment and cleaning methods while ensuring we were not only aware of, but adhering to, strict protocols that would ensure no cross contamination was possible.

This was a fantastic learning curve for us and we sure have come a long way since then!

The trial basin we worked in initially took us 15 days to clean. These days, with improved equipment, cleaning methods and work practices it now takes us four days to complete the same job.

Back then using divers to clean and inspect drinking water basins while the basin was still live (being used by the consumer) was a relatively new concept.

The traditional method of dump, sweep and refill became inefficient and costly due to wastage of treated water . 

It also caused pressure on water authorities through the necessity to utilise backup services resulting in increased job costing and customer inconvenience .

The water wastage also created a poor environmental footprint.

The more time we spend underwater, the more water we help save

Fundamentally, World Health Organisation Standards relevant to drinking water quality need to be achieved and maintained.

To instill confidence in our clients, we resourced and invented policies, practices, procedures, training and dedicated equipment to meet the strict demands of maintaining drinking water quality and eliminating cross contamination risks.

Our diligence to the cause has resulted in strong partnerships with our municipal water authority clients. For example we have been conducting annual tank inspections and cleans for the Adelaide metropolitan water authority since 2002.

Nordicual Diver cleaning potable water

Installations (tank and diver safety)

There is still work to do to continue to improve safety conditions for divers in tanks. This work includes initiatives such as:

  • Davits
  • Outlet cages
  • Height safety compliance
  • Internal ladder cage removal
  • Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) ladders
  • Flow diverters/Mixers are some methods of reducing occupational risks.
  • Diving at Altitude restrictions

We can advise, manufacture, supply and fit a variety of structures to improve tank safety conditions.

Leak repairs

We have a variety of Potable water approved epoxies, sealants and adhesives that can be applied underwater for repairs to concrete and steel tanks and can reduce the need to empty the storage. We can also recommend 3rd party expertise for the larger refurbishments.

Water storage cleaning

Plate thickness / Non destructive testing

Steel tank corrosion can be catastrophic if not surveyed, monitored and maintained.

Often the corrosion activity can’t be seen because it begins below the floor surface. This means that by the time corrosion is visible, it may already be too late.

Traditional Non-destructive plate thickness testing (NDT) requires the tank to be emptied. As an alternative, there are underwater solutions. There are gauges available that can be used by the diver or attached to the ROV which can give accurate steel plate thickness measurements, even through extensive corrosion nodules.

We have often used this method to conduct Plate thickness testing and used other devices supplied and supervised by third party NDT professionals

Examples of where we inspect and clean tanks and storages:

The Alps:

  • Mt Hotham – Resort management authorities
  • Mt Buller
  • Mt Baw Baw

By the sea:

  • Tidal River – Parks Victoria
  • The Great Ocean Road – Barwon Water
  • The Saphire Coast – Bega Valley shire
  • San Remo –  Westernport Water

The Murray:

  • Mildura – Lower Murray Water
  • Echuca – Coliban Water

The Goldfields:

  • Ballarat – Central Highlands water
  • Bendigo – Veolia Water

The Grampians, Wimmera, Mallee:

  • Horsham – GWM Water
  • Hamilton – Wannon Water

The Plains:

  • Leeton – Leeton Shire
  • Mathoura – Murray Shire

Where the hills meet the Sea:

  • Traralgon – Gippsland Water
  • Foster – South Gippsland Water

The Suburbs:

  • Sunbury – Western Water
  • Yarra Glen – Melbourne Water
  • Frankston – South East Water
  • Eltham –  Yarra Valley Water

The Vineyards:

  • McClaren Vale – SA Water, Allwater Alliance

The Apple Isle:

  • Hobart – Southern Water
  • Launceston
  • Devonport

You could say, “We get around a bit” and we need to, because tank cleaning and inspections are our speciality.


Early on in our business we established the importance of data collection and retention.

  • When was the last clean conducted?
  • How much sediment was in it?
  • What maintenance do I need to do?
  • When do I do the next inspection?
  • What happens when staff leave?
  • Where’s the History?
  • What’s down there?

At the completion of each individual job a comprehensive written report, digital photos and narrated video are complied. The client receives a copy of this on DVD and we store all the information in our database for added security.
This has also proven to be a major asset in maintaining industry compliance and assisting with forecast budgeting.

We’ve even been asked to give one of our clients 10 years of complete history, including the video, to which we replied “easy no problems!”

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